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Vision: Cultivate artistically talented students to contribute to the whole world

  • 1) Cultivate creative and intellectual artists
  • 2) Cultivate well rounded artists with upright morals
  • 3) Cultivate proactive artists who will make significant contributions to society


Image of Students in Anyang Arts High School

  • 1) Citizen who build their excellence in all sincerity to benefit the humanity
  • 2) Citizen with a sense of community
  • 3) Creative citizen with integrated thinking ability
  • 4) Global citizen who respect diversity
  • 5) Citizen who contribute to the nation and humanity with art


Educational Goals

  • 1) To cultivate the top class artists who adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • 2) To realize a global arts high school by entering prestigious universities and attracting talented students from diverse culture
  • 3) To lighten the burden of private educational expenses by individualized after-school programs
  • 4) To boost the reputation of school by attracting talented students and increasing the number of students who enter top universities
  • 5) To communicate and cooperate with parents, students, and teachers effectively and efficiently


Students’ code of conduct in Anyang Arts High School

  • Let’s say hello to one another With smile and Speak with positive attitude.